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Name James Duncan
Date Submitted 10/7/2008

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I began to consume vitamins in 1983, and have tried Nutralife, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Swanson. I purchased Austin Nutritional Vitamins on 9-18 and began consuming on 9-22. These vitamins are top quality and I can actually feel the difference, as opposed to the other vitamins. Austin vitamins are easy to swallow because of the smooth surface and will actually begin to dissolve in a few minutes if held in the mouth, which I did to test. The convenience of not having to open at least nine bottles of vitamins as before and all the vitamins are in a cellophane wrapper makes it soooo convenient. I have been taking vitamins for 25 years and without a doubt, Austin Nutritional Vitamins are the best in Quality, Price, and Convenience.
To your Health
James Duncan