Austin Nutritional Research

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Business Description:
Complete Broad Spectrum nutritional supplement programs in sealed daily packets. Nutritional Supplement Programs for people who Know Vitamins. Fast Service.

WEB Information:
Business Name Austin Nutritional Research
DBA Name(s)
Business Web Site HTTP://

Physical Information:
Address 4815 W braker ln ste 502-180
City Austin
State/Prov Texas
Country United States
Postal Code 78759
Phone Country Code
Phone 512-267-7644
Fax 512-267-4448

Customer Service Information:
Customer Service Contact Susan Folger
Contact Title manager
Customer Service Contact Email

Business Information:
Record Date October 11, 2000
Year Business Started 1995
Type of Business Sole proprietor
Assets Less than $1,000,000
Annual Sales Less than $1,000,000
President/CEO/GM Charles Hill

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