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AssistU trains and coaches Virtual Assistants and offers a members community and ongoing support to aid them in creating *and* sustaining successful businesses. AssistU, as the clear leader in the field, also acts as the primary advocate for the Virtual Assistance profession, and provides referrals to those who want to work with well-trained Virtual Assistants..

WEB Information:
Business Name Assist University, AssistU
DBA Name(s)
Business Web Site HTTP://

Physical Information:
Address 76 Cranbrook Rd., #192
City Cockeysville
State/Prov Maryland
Country United States
Postal Code 21030
Phone Country Code
Phone 866-829-6757
Fax 815-642-1387

Customer Service Information:
Customer Service Contact Antacia Bruce
Contact Title President
Customer Service Contact Email

Business Information:
Record Date August 29, 1999
Year Business Started 1997
Type of Business Sole proprietor
Assets Less than $1,000,000
Annual Sales Less than $1,000,000
President/CEO/GM Stacy Brice
Stacy Brice is a professional business coach, and founder of AssistU -- the premier organization committed to training, coaching, supporting, and certifying Virtual Assistants (VAs), as well as providing referrals to those business owners who want to work with them. As a pioneer of this new profession called Virtual Assistance, and the founder of the leading Virtual Assistance organization, Stacy loves her role as advocate, and works tirelessly to blaze a trail for all those interested in this new way of working. An exceptionally talented partner to professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners, Stacy is passionate about supporting others in the building of financially sound businesses and the creation of high quality lives. It's this passion that led her to create AssistU, a "virtual university," and the first professional members association for VAs. Additionally, Stacy is the Virtual Office columnist for OfficePro magazine, a small business expert for, widely quoted nationally in magazines and newspapers, and a frequent guest on talk radio shows. A powerful and engaging speaker, Stacy loves talking with audiences about a broad range of topics dealing with work, self-employment, SOHO, technology, building communities online, and work/life balance. Stacy lives in Baltimore, Maryland with the love of her life, Dominic and their two cats.

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